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Arizona Muslim Alliance


The Arizona Muslim Alliance (AMA) is a platform made to bring together the Muslim community in Arizona and act as a unified voice to address the religious, social, economic, and political needs of Muslims in this land.

The Mission of the Alliance includes:

Uniting the Muslim community in Arizona by establishing effective communication, enhancing cooperation, sharing resources, and coordinating activities among Arizona’s Muslim Organizations

Representing and defending the interest of Arizona Muslims

Enhancing Muslim  participation in the public sphere; encouraging cooperation and partnership with other religious and civic groups for the common good;

Providing services not available nor provided by individual member organizations


Section  IV- A      Arizona Muslim Alliance shall engage itself in such activities that comply with the laws of the local, State and Federal Governments

Section  IV- B      AMA shall respect the integrity and independence of member Muslim organizations without interference with their operation, procedures or finances

Section  IV- C      AMA shall represent the interest of “Main Stream Arizona Muslims”, who are an integral part of the citizens of Arizona; Arizona Muslims are a diverse community, not limited to a certain race, national origin, or ethnicity

Section IV- D       “Main Stream Islam” is hereby defined as:

A complete way of life guided by the authentic sources of Islam; the Glorious Qur’an and the Authentic tradition of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (peace & prayers be upon him).

Other traditions, man-made rules, cultures, and ethnic behaviors and traditions are not considered as sources of AMA, however, reserves the right to follow a ruling agreed upon by the majority of Islamic scholars

AMA believes that there is no compulsion in religion (as commanded by the Glorious Qur’an),

The affairs of AMA are conducted according to a majority rule; men and women are equally responsible to actively energize AMA activities

There is no role of violence in promoting the cause of Islam or advancing the interest of Muslims

Section IV-E        AMA is committed to quality performance and services with the state of the art Systems and means in order to efficiently and professionally achieve its  goals


Section V-A          The Alliance shall be a nonprofit Arizona corporation operating under IRS tax-exempt status code 501 (c) 3

Section V-B          The Alliance is a federation of Arizona Muslim organizations (Article II)

Section V-C          Its base assembly is made of voting and non-voting representatives of participating Arizona Muslim organizations called the House of Representatives (HR)

Section V-D          The HR elects a governing board called the Board of Directors (the Board)

Section V-E          The Board assumes the charge of all the Alliance affairs, including hiring and overseeing a complement of:

Employed staff who serve as an administration, headed by an Executive Director,

And volunteer staff, who serve as individuals and committees

Arizona Muslim Alliance

Address: P.O. Box 269, Tempe, AZ 85280

Phone: 480-516-6368

Email: info@azmuslimalliance.org


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